The establishment of IACDECFP-UK as a registered Disaster , Emergency, Criminology and Forensic College offering theoretical and practical training.


International consultants in different fields of Investigation as well as Disaster & Emergency Management, Criminology and Forensics beginning in 2019 with training Centers in UK, Nigeria and Ghana.


Certification programs in basic, advanced and Specialization courses and conducted executive training in Crime Scene, Question Document and Graphology, Serology and DNA analysis, Dactyloscopy/Fingerprint analysis.

These programs were run in collaboration with the International College of Disaster Management and Forensic Studies.( ICDMFS), JJTC Consulting Limited, International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals (IICFIP), International Academy of Forensics (IAF), Nile University department of Criminology, experts from EFCC, the Nigerian Police Academy, Ghana Prisons Service, the Ghana Police Service and some universities in India between 2018 and 2022.

Some lead experts have played a role in the development of experts skills in the training of faculties in Charisma University, Nasarawa University, Nile University in Nigeria, and Knutsford University, University of Ghana, ISDES, all in Ghana, etc for forensics, criminology, and Disaster & Emergency Management.

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